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Earls Court


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There's much mythology surrounding  Ashbee's, the precursor to Cave of Lanka.

What is undoubtedly true is that until March 2019 Polish born Elizabetta had run Ashbee's in what some might call a unique way for a very long time.

Did Elizabetta arrive at Ashbee's in the 1970's or 1980's?  Was Ashbee her English spitfire pilot husband's name? Or the far less romantic created branding decision of two brothers who had taken the place on for a few years after the Hot Pot chain of restaurants had moved out?  Perhaps all the facts will never be known.  What is known is, that despite her gruff and at times even hostile attitude toward customers, Elizabetta was held in high regard and true affection by her regular clientele.  They defend her and Ashbee's as if they were family and who are we to argue?  The daily regaling of stories surely to absurd to be made up, reinforce the collective memory and make Ashbee's a hard act to follow.


Please feel free to share your memories here.  Long live Elizabetta, Vivat Elizabetta, Vivat! 

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